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Services for commercial fishermen: Free Quota Management & Monitoring, Free State and NOAA Reporting Services, Unloading & Trucking Services, Marketing & Sales

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Stewards Of The Sea

Sustainability of our food supply requires commercial fishing to be profitable and for food to be affordable to the consumer. Organizations selling "certified sustainable" labels add cost but little value to an already expensive federal conservation and management regime employing top ocean scientists. Red's Best helps licensed fishermen, sectors, and community supported fisheries (CSFs) comply with "green" laws and profit from catch sales. Red's Best free software service keeps fishermen up to the minute on their quota position and annual catch entitlement (ACE) by phone, web, satellite, email, or SMS. Red's Best takes care of NOAA paperwork, also for free. Optionally, Red's Best unloads boats, trucks cold shipments, advertises catches through multiple channels, and sells both tonnage and retail globally.

Fisherman Profiles

Captain Eric
Captain Eric R.
From Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. Born in Missouri. Lived in Boston at 18 and took a job on a Vineyard lobster boat; been fishing ever since. Loves to fish for Black Sea Bass and Scup. Loves fishing in the Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Sound. Loves the independence, but feels some lost to regulation. Has seen big Sturgeon in the Atlantic Ocean. Landed a 850+ pound swordfish from a dory one day as a kid. A lot of his fish are still alive when they are loaded onto ice in the truck. He doesn’t store them in a fish hold at all so they don’t get crunched under the weight of the other fish piled on top.
Captain Aldwin
Captain Aldwin H.
From Hoonah, AK. Born in Kansas. Followed a friend up to Alaska. Always loved to fish and was happy to get paid to go fishing. Started in 1991 crewing on various vessels and bought his first boat in 1996. Loves to fish King Salmon in the outer banks of the Fairweather grounds – 80 miles off shore in the Gulf of Alaska. Loves being independent, self reliant and responsible to himself (including staying up all night eating candy). Once caught a Sturgeon Poacher in a shrimp pot – it's like a little dinosaur. Saw a one thousand pound ocean sunfish. His salmon are all immediately pressure bled and frozen at sea. The high quality leads to a far better shelf life and preserves the fresh caught flavor.
Captain Chris
Captain Chris C.
From Manomet, MA. Started fishing with current boat 15 years ago. Was in a bar and someone asked if wanted to go fishing. Became Captain after 7 years. Drawn to fishing by Freedom, after time served with the Marine Corps and had nowhere else to go. Loves to fish Cod on the Back Side of the Cape. Once caught a 22 ft, 3000 lb great white a mile off Nauset. Believes there a lot more fish in the ocean than some activist scientists lead you to believe. He takes good care of the product. He cuts the fish within minutes of it being brought on board and then into slush immediately, to get the core temp of the fish down quicker than just icing them.
F/V Valkyrie
Captain, F/V Valkyrie
From Sandwich, MA. Started long line sword fishing at age 18, out of Edgartown with a one-eyed Captain who hurled the harpoon from the pulpit and always got them. Fished out in the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras. Always loved the ocean. Likes to catch scallops and fluke. Once caught a fighter plane's wing with two 50 caliber machine guns still mounted to its underside. He bleeds out his fish in slush ice immediately after they come on board.
Captain Mark
Captain Mark V.
From Beverly, MA. Taught by his father to fish and to appreciate. Drawn to meeting challenges and being outdoors. Likes to fish for striper and giant bluefin tuna. Knows tuna are smart, big, and strong. Once caught a 600 lb bluefin in the middle of the commercial bass fleet off Gloucester, MA. His fish are slushed as soon as they’re caught and are never held overnight, and all are caught with rod and reel.
Captain Al
Captain Al
Born into a Martha’s Vineyard fishing family. Started fishing for bass from kayaks, then an 8 ft. zodiac off the beach. Drawn to fishing by freedom and fun. Loves to fish in the canyons. Once was fishing in the middle of a lightning storm that electrified rods in rod holders to vibrate and buzz. He takes incredible care of the fish and constantly tries to improve.
Captain Tom
Captain Tom
From Falmouth, MA. Began fishing in 1970, after serving in the Coast Guard. Has worked for himself all along. Likes to fish in Nantucket Sound, close to home. Once caught a 19th-century corked bottle in the front of Nantucket Harbor that said “to his majesty the king”. Still has it. He believes that the level of risk that fishermen put themselves through to make a living would shock people. Now semi-retired with the risk taking. His day-boat product is very marketable.


Red's Best® is a reputable mark distinguishing delicate care for seafood. Red's Best fish is so beautiful because Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform streamlines and accelerates seafood transactions, reducing costs and time between fishermen and consumers. Red's Best managers administer this industrial platform for fellow fishermen so that fish unloaded from boats ships to buyers at the same pace at which fish ships to fish markets or auctions.

Traditional auctions supply supermarket chains and dealers that resell to restaurants or as sushi. The more fish is handled and the more time passes from the moment of the catch, the more the catch loses quality as food. Red's Best fish sells with less middlemen handlers, less transaction costs, and less time between fishermen and buyers. Red's Best freshness is often days younger than what is sold in supermarkets for the same price. Some quality-focused grocery chains, sushi dealers, and passionate restauranteurs do buy Red's Best wholesale because they know to consult fishermen first when it comes to wild seafood, and Red is your local fisherman.