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Red is every fisherman

Do you know your fisherman?

You probably know your accountant and your plumber, but you might not know your fishermen though they feed you. Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform reduces the distance between you and your fishermen. Red's Best freshness is often days fresher than what is sold in supermarkets for the same price. Some quality-focused grocery chains, sushi dealers, and passionate restauranteurs buy Red's Best wholesale because they know to consult fishermen first when it comes to wild seafood, and Red is your local fisherman.

Generations of Fishermen

The ancient art of fishing passes from generation to generation. With the advent of industrial technology and the governmental regulation of open oceans, traditional fishing communities and family fishing businesses began a struggle for survival.

Red's Best was born from the mind of Jared Auerbach, a young fisherman from Boston who cut his teeth fishing on commercial vessels in Alaska and Cape Cod, MA. Jared learned from the generations of fishermen there and across America, and he set out to create a brand for each and every fisherman that represents the pride of the profession. Buying Red's Best brand fish supports fishermen whose livelihood depends on the catch.