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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Local small boat fishermen are facing great pressure from many angles. These are the men and women who make the tiny fishing ports along the American coasts so special. Many come from generations of men and women who have made a living harvesting the ocean.

A: The cormorant brings luck to fishermen all over the world. The bird's streamlined style of catching exactly what it dives for inspires the Red's Best spirit.

A: Red's Best knows you want access to freshest fish to consume at home not just in restaurants. We do, too! We make it easy for you, the individual consumer, to access a wide variety of the freshest catch from pristine New England waters. Feel good that your purchase helps sustain the livelihoods of small boat fishermen.

A: Red’s Best fresh seafood is available at our Red’s Best Fish Market & Eatery at the Boston Public Market, Greater Boston farmer’s markets, AmazonFresh (participating Boston locations) and shipped overnight directly to you via FedEx home delivery to anywhere in the continental US. Ground delivery available for Boston area only.

A: Our wholesale locations on Boston Fish Pier and our satellite locations at Menemsha Fish House and Chatham Fish House are for wholesale customers only. These locations are processing and packaging facilities for thousands of pounds of fish; unfortunately, we do not have registers, credit card processing or dedicated personnel to pack small customized retail orders at these locations.

A: Orders are packed in insulated boxes with iced gel packs and shipped overnight to anywhere in the continental US. Ground delivery available for Boston area only.

A: FedEx shipping charges will be calculated automatically during checkout.

A: We consider a portion to be a freshly cut piece of fish that would feed one average adult which is approx. 8 oz. Your seafood comes perfectly ready to apply to your favorite recipe without any excessive handling.

A: A myth we intend to disprove is that seafood must be consumed the day it is purchased. When our fishing families catch fish and put it in their own refrigerators, it lasts over a week. We can recreate that for you. For maximum shelf-life, put your portions in a bowl of ice and change the ice as it melts. Fish love ice! (NOTE: Fish delivered via FedEx home delivery will last approx. 3 days in the refrigerator.)

A: If you do not plan on consuming your fish within 4 days, yes, you freeze your seafood with the exception of live shellfish and live lobster.