Cape Cod Sea Scallops

Cape Cod Sea Scallops

Available year-round, sea scallops are a low-fat source of protein and B vitamins. The local inshore fleet of Massachusetts does an incredible job landing these scallops throughout the year. You will not find a better sea scallop. Perfect in shape, texture, and flavor. Even people who don't usually like scallops will appreciate these.

Nothing compares to these dry sea scallops. The texture is buttery and firm with a rich and sweet ocean flavor. Having never been glazed and frozen, these scallops sear to perfection. 1 portion is approx. 16 oz. We recommend 8 oz per person.

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A nice hard sear is the classic method. Will also broil very nicely. Also consider slicing or dicing for sushi/ceviche preparations.
Basic is best: salt, pepper, lemon, butter. Will hold up to more flavor than a bay scallop.
Classic Sear: pat dry your scallops, season with salt and pepper, then using a very hot pan, add a tablespoon and a half of oil and heat it until it smokes. Put the scallops in and try not to move them until you can see that they have a nice brown sear. Flip them and turn heat to low. Add butter and cook until it has melted and a nice sauce has formed in the pan. Add lemon juice, baste, and serve.



Fair Trade

Red’s Best unloads from scallop boats directly. Getting Red’s Best Sea Scallops from dayboats is very important because some of the bigger boats go out for weeks at a time. Once the captain finds the scallops, the profitability of the boat often comes down to the shucking skills of the crew. This requires strong, quick hands, and experience with a knife.


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