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Services for commercial fishermen:
Free Quota Management & Monitoring, Free State and NOAA Reporting Services, Unloading & Trucking Services, Marketing & Sales

Stewards Of The Sea

Sustainability of our food supply requires commercial fishing to be profitable and for food to be affordable to the consumer. Organizations selling "certified sustainable" labels add cost but little value to an already expensive federal conservation and management regime employing top ocean scientists. Red's Best helps licensed fishermen, sectors, and community supported fisheries (CSFs) comply with "green" laws and profit from catch sales. Red's Best free software service keeps fishermen up to the minute on their quota position and annual catch entitlement (ACE) by phone, web, satellite, email, or SMS. Red's Best takes care of NOAA paperwork, also for free. Optionally, Red's Best unloads boats, trucks cold shipments, advertises catches through multiple channels, and sells both tonnage and retail globally.

Red Is Every Fishermen

Red's Best® is a reputable mark distinguishing delicate care for seafood. Red's Best fish is so beautiful because Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform streamlines and accelerates seafood transactions, reducing costs and time between fishermen and consumers. Red's Best managers administer this industrial platform for fellow fishermen so that fish unloaded from boats ships to buyers at the same pace at which fish ships to fish markets or auctions.
Traditional auctions supply supermarket chains and dealers that resell to restaurants or as sushi. The more fish is handled and the more time passes from the moment of the catch, the more the catch loses quality as food. Red's Best fish sells with less middlemen handlers, less transaction costs, and less time between fishermen and buyers. Red's Best freshness is often days younger than what is sold in supermarkets for the same price. Some quality-focused grocery chains, sushi dealers, and passionate restauranteurs do buy Red's Best wholesale because they know to consult fishermen first when it comes to wild seafood, and Red is your local fisherman.