Gulf of Maine Salmon

Gulf of Maine Salmon

Salmon is tender, mild flavored and has remarkably high levels of omega-3 acids, protein and vitamin D content.

Salmon remains a fan favorite for its versatility and health benefits. Harvested 40 miles east in the Bay of Fundy, Red's Best salmon swim in an ocean-based aquaculture habitat. Quality, regionally-sourced and sustains the livelihoods of Maine fishermen. 1 portion is approx. 16 oz. We recommend 8 oz per person.

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Always best cooked slowly so the fat stays inside. Also can be pan seared or grilled.
Great for health conscious dining. This is a very easy item to cook. It will take to a lot of different flavors so use whatever you are in the mood for. Just be careful not to cook it too hot and fast.

No need to add additional fat. Great for low-fat cooking applications. Use marinades with any combination of flavors.
Do not be afraid to just marinate and stick in the oven.