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Trust that your Seafood Purchases
support American Fishermen

Red’s Best Traceability System tracks your seafood from the ocean to the dinner plate, electronically tracing catches from the unloading of fishermen’s vessels and through transportation, processing, and distribution. We physically move fish for fishermen, maintaining temperature and sanitary conditions. Red’s Best physical control over the chain of custody sets Red’s Best Traceability System apart from software-only traceability solutions.

Red's Best brand of seafood and logistics represent trustworthiness. Trust that your seafood is caught locally, labeled correctly, and subjected to quality controls along its journey to you. Trust that an intelligently minimized "carbon footprint" maintains traceability without undue burden on natural resources. Trust that Red’s Best Traceability adds only value and zero transaction costs between fisherman and seafood buyer.

Anyone concerned about the origins and identity of seafood should ask their local markets and restaurants to carry Red's Best brand seafood.


Red's Best Traceability

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QR Codes are barcodes. QR Code Readers are available as free Apps for personal devices. Red’s Best web-based software collects traceability data for all catches and generates unique web addresses. Ask your vendor to scan the QR code that came along with your fish to access related info about fisherman, species, vessel, gear type, and port of origin.