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Red’s Best is one of the fastest growing seafood brands in the nation, supporting American commercial fishing communities. We unload fishing vessels and then aggregate their catches. Our traceability labels tell you about one of the fishermen who contributed to our supply of a species at the time we are selling it, including how he caught it and where we unloaded it from his boat.

Our technology coupled with our industry infrastructure gives us a distinct advantage in unloading a large quantity of small boats. Headquartered on the historic Boston Fish Pier, we aggregate pounds into tons on a daily basis. We process fish and sell ocean harvests nationally and internationally. Transactions range from supplying the restaurants of Martha’s Vineyard and the dining halls of prestigious universities, to retail oysters and sushi sold at our own Market & Eatery, to entire freight containers of fish we export around the world by sea, and everything in between.

We support the livelihoods of American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest. Red’s Best is committed to preserving a traditional way of life for commercial fishing communities. Our traceability label is unique in that it gives you data on fishermen who work with us, and who gave their fish to us to sell to you. Beyond just verifying species and origin of the fish, Red’s Best traces the direct relationship of American fishermen to Red’s Best.


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QR Codes are barcodes. QR Code Readers are available as free Apps for personal devices. Red’s Best web-based software collects traceability data for all catches and generates unique web addresses. Ask your vendor to scan the QR code that came along with your fish to access related info about fisherman, species, vessel, gear type, and port of origin.