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  • Black Seabass - Jumbo
  • Black Seabass - Large
  • Black Seabass - Medium
  • Clams - Razors - South Shore
  • Scup
  • Striped Bass
  • Triggerfish

Wholesale Partnerships

Red’s Best distributes to select, premier wholesalers throughout the world. We solely partner with wholesalers who are able to best represent Red’s Best.

We entrust our partners to maintain standards necessary to deliver the best quality product to the best chefs in the world.
Please contact us @ 617.830.1672 to discuss a possible future partnership.

Local Communities

Supporting Local Communities

Commercial Ecosystems

Red's Best seafood is often exported abroad but seldom imported because American waters are vast and fish are abundant, and because Red's Best fresh, wild fish prices compete globally. Red's Best automated fish market doesn't just create jobs, it creates businesses. Using Red's Best technology, logistics, and marketing platform, fishermen continue to be sole proprietors, not forced to sell their quota (the legal embodiment of a fisherman's entire history), and operators of local food processing facilities and refrigerated trucks are put to work. For example, salmon caught in Alaska and shipped to Massachusetts enriches not only the Massachusetts buyer, but also the Alaskan fishermen, and truckers, packers, cutters, curers, smokers, and delivery men and women in Alaska and Massachusetts.